Noora Sandgren


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Carrie Elizabeth Thompson has just posted a wonderful update from the participants of the 2013 Summer Camp for Socially Awkward Storytellers. Check it out HERE.

über Updates from The LBM Camp For Socially Awkward Storytellers — Little Brown Mushroom

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écoute-moi, s’ il te plaît.

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Le tableau


Gardez vous la distance, s’ il vous plaît.

Le tableau.

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catch me cat

catch me catcatch-me-cat-web


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iPL collection adds to Beinecke’s strengths in photobooks and modern trends in self-publishing

Congratulations, Larissa!

Wonderful news!

Thanks to your wonderful engagement it has come in addition. I am very proud to be a little part of it.

Thank you very much. Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Yale University recently received, through acquisition and donation, the Indie Photobook Library (iPL), a major collection of photobooks from Larissa

Quelle: iPL collection adds to Beinecke’s strengths in photobooks and modern trends in self-publishing


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